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CRM and website for franchises

We needed to create a CRM for all franchisees in addition to a client application for convenient monitoring and management of all company services.

Date 25 October, 2023
Category Web design & CRM
Estimation 4 Months
Client Pugachev holding LLC

Our Planing

Client Care

Client care always goes to the top of the list. It goes beyond just taking care of clients & making sure they are happy with your services. It is a genuine caring.

Using Empathy

This follows up with client care. By having empathy and being able to put yourself in your client’s shoes, you will be able to take client care to the next level.

Communication Skills

This may sound obvious, but actually, there’s much more to learning how to communicate with a client. First, you must be able to speak openly

Unique business model for the premium segment.

Pugachev Luxury Rentals is not your typical car rental, as we are not just about renting cars. We are selling lifestyles – the high-end lifestyle that matches the level of our incredible cars and the luxurious Dubai lifestyle that makes our city a premier global destination. We're a family owned dealership and rental that's delivered an exceptional level of customer service for luxury car shoppers from around the world since 2015

  • Product architecture development
  • Creating a unique design
  • API development and integration
  • Various personal accounts
  • Mobile apps
  • Software compliance testing

Final Result

At Pugachev Luxury Rentals we believe in giving 110% to our clients because they give us an opportunity to grow. We invest time and funds into our company to grow and expand world-wide. We thrive because of our market knowledge, unbeatable prices, excellent customer service and great team behind our Name

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