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Website for a premium clothing boutique

The clients of this site are wealthy people in Europe and other countries, so we needed to create an exclusive website, but taking into account all the convenience for users.

Date 15 April, 2023
Category Web design
Estimation 5 Months
Client K&E LUX Retail GmbH

Our Planing

Client Care

Client care always goes to the top of the list. It goes beyond just taking care of clients & making sure they are happy with your services. It is a genuine caring.

Using Empathy

This follows up with client care. By having empathy and being able to put yourself in your client’s shoes, you will be able to take client care to the next level.

Communication Skills

This may sound obvious, but actually, there’s much more to learning how to communicate with a client. First, you must be able to speak openly

Sartorio Napoli is an exclusive brand, a part of the Kirton family, that carries on the best traditions of the flawless Neapolitan style. At Sartorio Napoli, we manufacture exceptional quality garments with splendid materials and close attention to detail for our global client community. We bring the Neapolitan fashion heritage to the world and respond to the needs of the successful men of today.

Today, our brand is represented worldwide, selling garments in Eastern and Northern Europe, the USA, and Japan. Our factory in Napoli employs 70 professionals devoted to envisioning and materializing the Italian fashion philosophy.

  • Product architecture development
  • Creating a unique design
  • API development and integration
  • Integration with the cash register and accounting system
  • Software compliance testing

Final Result

The site has been launched and successfully sells branded clothing for the premium segment worldwide.
As we can see, all customers are satisfied as the optimal customer path has been built from the first visit to the receipt of the goods.

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